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Over the last four years with VSiN, I have had the pleasure of introducing all kinds of great projects that we have put together, but to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to unveil a publication than I am for this one. Not only is there a huge effort put into it as usual, but I can’t remember ever anticipating a season of any sport more than this college football campaign. The 2021 VSiN College Football Betting Guide helps everyone get ready for what should be one of the most memorable seasons ever.

As much as we were all excited to see college football on the field last season, you have to admit that something was missing with the empty (or partially filled) stands, lack of high-stakes nonconference tilts and players either opting out or held out of games because of Covid-19 circumstances. What figures to come out of the tough 2020 season is what I am especially looking forward to: I personally feel that the extra year of eligibility granted to players by the NCAA has the potential to completely upset the apple cart, at least for one season.


Think about it, the elite teams like Clemson, Alabama, and Ohio State have lost their usual amount of talent to the NFL draft and in many cases will be replacing this star group of players with first-year players or other inexperienced options. At the same time, the tier two teams not only get most of their starters back for 2021, but a season’s worth of experience comes with it.

This is the first time in many years where I think we could have multiple new teams in the College Football Playoff, as we find out the answer to the age-old question: Does elite talent or experience matter more? I personally feel there are three or four new teams capable of winning a national title, and another handful of making the playoff should the usual suspects falter. Who do you think could contend? Who do you trust to tell you? Hopefully that’s where VSiN and its College Football Betting Guide comes into play, as we have put together a great team of experts that have shared their insights in this pub in hopes of getting you ready for this much anticipated season!

Take a look at the experts we have assembled, all of whom you are surely familiar with if you’ve followed VSiN’s college football coverage in the past:

  • Wes Reynolds has put together the previews for the American, ACC, and Big Ten.
  • Matt Youmans pitched in with Reynolds on the Big Ten and assembled the Pac 12 team previews, predictions, and betting tips.
  • Bruce Marshall of Gold Sheet did some real heavy lifting, previewing the Big 12, Conference USA, SEC, and Sun Belt conferences.
  • Tim Murray and Dave Tuley shared duties on getting us informed for the MAC and Independents.
  • Jonathan Von Tobel, our NBA guru, shows his versatility by bringing us all the key info on the Mountain West.

We also have a ton of great season handicapping articles prepared for you. Adam Kramer shares my excitement for the season and dishes on some of the biggest storylines, games to watch and teams that may be under- or over-rated. You should be as pumped for the season as he is after reading this piece. Kramer and Aaron Moore also breakdown the Heisman Trophy race for 2021 from different perspectives. Paul Stone, one of our regular CFB season handicappers in Point Spread Weekly, brings us five bet-on and bet-against teams to watch for. And finally, I have contributed a handful of pieces, ranging from betting systems that project improvement or decline in teams, to my “world famous” Stability Scores, a look at the new coaching staffs and the recent recruiting rankings and how they may influence team success this season.

Add all of that to two-page spreads on each of the 130 teams in FBS and you have the makings of a massive and valuable publication that you’ll want to keep handy all season long.

It’s just $19.99. You may want to consider an all-access subscription for the best deal possible. 

Check vsin.com/subscribe for the package that makes the most sense for you.

Here is the 2019 guide if you want to see what it looks like. (The 2020 edition was published in two parts because of COVID, so hopefully we are back to normal this year.)

And if you like the college guide, the pro football preseason preview will be coming Aug. 24.

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