ATS Report for Saturday, July 8, on chalk-heavy MLB card; updated season-long betting stats


Saturday Betting Recaps

Saturday was a busy sports betting day, though I missed most of it – or followed along with updates on my phone – while driving back home for 10 hours in the family truckster (holiday road, indeed) to wrap up our week-long San Francisco vacation and return to the broiler oven that is Las Vegas.


I’m glad I didn’t get involved too much as MLB favorites dominated for the most part on Saturday. Let’s get to our nightly recaps, and then update the season-long betting stats.

MLB: Faves went 11-4 on Saturday with the upsets by the Tigers (+193 in their combined no-hitter vs. the Blue Jays), Nationals (+181 vs. Rangers), Reds (+113 at Brewers) and Orioles (+108 at Twins). Home teams also led 11-4. Over/Unders split 7-7-1 with the push in the Orioles’ 6-2 win at the Twins with a betting total of 8 runs.

More MLB: Favorites improved to 763-547 on the season with 22 games closing pick-’em. Home teams lead 689-639 with 4 neutral-site games. Unders still hold slim lead at 640-634-57 with 1 no-action (thanks to 9-3-1 on Thursday) after going .500 each of the last two days.