VSiN Analytics MLB Report for Tuesday, October 31



VSiN Analytics MLB Report for Tuesday, October 31

The following is a collection of analytical data, betting systems and strength ratings featured on VSiN and qualified for the MLB games on Tuesday, October 31, 2023. This report is meant to emulate the process that Steve Makinen and other members of the VSiN Analytics team undergo when handicapping each day’s MLB board.



MLB Bullpen Systems

The following systems and qualifying plays are from the weekly update series on handicapping MLB teams using Steve Makinen’s bullpen strength ratings.

Better-rated bullpen teams that are NOT favorites of -190 or higher, or are -190 or higher and have a winning percentage of 19% or higher went 1200-916 in the regular season for +45.66 units, a 2.2% season-long return on investment (System Matches): ARIZONA



Trends and Systems for the MLB Postseason

The MLB postseason is a 12-team tournament made up of four rounds, with each round being played as a series with progressively more games the deeper you get. Perhaps unlike any other sport, because of the huge 162-game regular season schedule, the stakes of every MLB postseason game are enhanced tremendously. As such, some different or additional handicapping strategies should be employed. With that in mind, one of the key factors in getting ready for these games is to know the history and the trends/systems that have developed in recent years. Let’s dig into the key betting results from recent MLB playoff seasons to see if we can’t uncover nuggets that will help make these playoffs a profitable one.


Overall MLB Postseason Trends

Coming off wins/losses

HOME TEAMS coming off a LOSS in a series game have been good bounce-back options on the run line, going 17-18 SU (-5.57 units, ROI: -15.9%) but 19-16 on run lines (5.85 units, ROI: 16.7%) in their last 35 tries.

System Match: PLAY ARIZONA


Series wins status

HOME FIELD has not meant nearly as much to teams trailing in a series and are favored at home, as they are just 34-37 SU (-21.27 units, ROI: -30%) since 2013.

System Match: FADE ARIZONA


Stats from last game trends

Teams that are favored in an MLB postseason game after having lost the last outing while scoring two runs or fewer are just 41-51 SU (-29.49 units, ROI: -32.1%) and 29-63 on run lines (-25.04 units, ROI: -27.2%) since 2012.

System Match: FADE ARIZONA


Teams playing as UNDERDOGS in an MLB postseason series after their bullpen was used for 5+ innings in the same series prior game are just 28-48 SU (-14.81 units, ROI: -19.5%) since 2016.

System Match: FADE TEXAS


Trends based upon regular season records

In the last three playoff seasons following a full regular season (excluding 2020), MLB teams that won less than 90 games are on a surge of 41-32 SU (17.08 units, ROI: 23.4%) and 47-26 on run lines (13.98 units, ROI: 19.2%) in playoff games.

System Match: PLAY ARIZONA


Totals angles

The last two MLB postseasons have been amazing for OVER bettors, as although the outright record on totals is split 37-37, OVERS have produced a return of +21.4 units, an ROI of 28.9%. Total vigs have been heavily shaded towards UNDERS. In particular, games with totals set at 7.5 or higher have gone OVER at a 25-18 rate, +15.5 units for an ROI of 36.0%.


Nine Top MLB World Series Betting Systems

Over the last 20+ years of World Series action, several nice betting systems have emerged. You know you’re going to bet the games, so why not arm yourself with key data that has won recently?


WORLD SERIES system #1:

Home field advantage hasn’t meant a lot in recent World Series action, with hosts on a 16-25 slide in the L41 opportunities dating back to ‘16 (-16.38 Units, -40% R.O.I.)

Analysis: Home-field advantage was a much bigger deal in earlier rounds of the playoffs, particularly the divisional round, so be careful not to over-value this factor when it comes to the World Series, as the best teams in the league know how to win on the road as well. Obviously, these numbers don’t include the 2020 series, which was played in a neutral environment.

System Match: FADE ARIZONA


WORLD SERIES system #3:

Strangely, the most profitable HOME TEAMS in the WORLD SERIES recently have been those in the -110 to -125 range, or the very short favorites, as those teams are on an 18-10 run since 2000 (+6.07 Units, 21.7% R.O.I.)

Analysis: It seems that home-field advantage has been the deciding factor in games that are expected to be tight.

System Match: PLAY ARIZONA


WORLD SERIES system #4:

Overall, on totals, there has been a very slight lean to the OVER in WORLD SERIES games over the last 14 years, however in games with totals of eight or higher, UNDER holds an edge of 17-12 in that span (+3.05 Units, 10.5% R.O.I.)

Analysis: Typically, pitching, especially deep in games, takes center stage in the World Series. Both of these teams have solid bullpens to bolster above-average starting rotations. For as well as the teams’ lineups might hit, both on paper and in playoff action to date, higher totaled World Series games have leaned UNDER of late.

System Match: PLAY UNDER the total (o/u at 9.5)


WORLD SERIES system #5:

WORLD SERIES teams have struggled to put back-to-back wins together recently, going 6-21 in the game following up a WS win (-19.68 Units, -72.9% R.O.I.)

Analysis: There has been a lot of back-and-forth in the World Series recently, and teams that can string wins together wind up having a huge advantage in the series.

System Match: FADE TEXAS


WORLD SERIES system #7:

WORLD SERIES Game 4’s have been the most clearly dominated by the ROAD TEAMS, 13-5 since 2004 (+8.9 Units, 49.4% R.O.I.)

Analysis: Game 4 is usually a definitive contest, as the better team, or the one with the home-field advantage in the series, is playing on the road, and the lesser host often has its fourth starter going.

System Match: PLAY TEXAS


WORLD SERIES system #8:

Incredibly, since the start of the 2014 WS, TEAMS that scored two or fewer runs in the prior game are on an incredible 23-8 surge. (+17.45 Units, 56.3% R.O.I.)

Analysis: These teams that didn’t score well in the prior outing would tend to be the least attractive wagers in the betting public’s eyes. However, they have proven to be quality teams highly capable of bouncing back. In fact, they have averaged 5.0 RPG in the follow-up game.

System Match: PLAY ARIZONA


MLB Extreme Stats Systems

The following systems and qualifying plays are from the article titled MLB Extreme Stats Systems, detailing eight betting systems for betting teams based upon noteworthy stats they accumulated in their previous game.



MLB Streak Systems

The following systems and qualifying plays are from the midseason article titled Handicapping MLB Streaks, detailing 14 different systems for betting teams on winning or losing streaks.



Today’s MLB Strength Ratings

The following are taken from today’s MAKINEN DAILY RATINGS page under the MLB tab on VSiN.com.

Today’s UNDERPRICED UNDERDOGS (15 points or more) according to the Makinen Strength Ratings projections:

System Matches: TEXAS -105 (+16 difference)


Today’s UNDERPRICED FAVORITES (15 points or more) according to the Makinen Strength Ratings projections:

System Matches: NONE TODAY


Today’s BIGGEST TOTAL PROJECTIONS FAVORING OVER (0.5 runs or more) according to the Makinen Strength Ratings projections:

System Matches: NONE TODAY


Today’s BIGGEST TOTAL PROJECTIONS FAVORING UNDER (0.4 runs or more) according to the Makinen Strength Ratings projections:

System Matches: TEXAS-ARIZONA UNDER 9.5 (-0.4)


MLB Top Situational Trend Spots

The following situational trends and qualifying plays are from the VSiN MLB Situational Report, updated daily.

(951) TEXAS (101-76) at (952) ARIZONA (94-83)

Trend: Texas trending OVER at NIGHT (60-47 O/U)

System Match: OVER

Trend: Texas profitable on the ROAD (49-41, +2.62 units)

System Match: TEXAS

Trend: Texas good following up a win (62-38 record in next game)

System Match: TEXAS

Trend: Arizona heavy UNDER at HOME (33-48 O/U)

System Match: UNDER

Trend: Arizona good vs. LH starters (33-21, +12.41 units)

System Match: ARIZONA

Trend: Arizona good at NIGHT (61-52, +12.17 units)

System Match: ARIZONA

Trend: Arizona trending UNDER vs AL teams (18-29 O/U)

System Match: UNDER

Trend: Arizona is leading season series (4-3, including 4-2 in the last six games)

System Match: ARIZONA

Trend: Texas is 0-2 in WS appearances while Arizona is 1-0


Team-Specific Momentum Building/Letdown Angles

The following trends and qualifying plays are from the article MLB post-rivalry series betting opportunities.