ATS Report for Thursday, May 25: Updated records for spreads and totals




Thursday Betting Recaps

The Boston Celtics (home favorites vs. Miami Heat) and Dallas Stars (pick-’em at home vs. Vegas Golden Knights) both avoided elimination Thursday night in the NBA and NHL playoffs, respectively, while faves held a slight 6-4 edge in MLB.
Let’s get to the specific details with our nightly betting recaps, and then update the spread and total records in each sport.

NBA: Celtics beat Heat 110-97 to again avoid elimination and pull within 3-2 in Eastern Conference Finals. The ViewFromHawaii is they also covered as 8.5-point home faves (stayed Under betting total of 215) points. Home/fave/Under went 1-0 on the night. The "zig-zag" (aka “loser of the last”) went 0-1 with the Heat losing the previous game.

More NBA: Dogs dipped to 6-3 SU & 8-1 ATS in this round, though faves still lead 50-26 SU and 41-34-1 ATS (54.7%) overall in the playoffs with 1 game closing pick-’em. Road teams lead 5-4 SU & 7-2 ATS. Home teams lead 48-29 SU and 42-34-1 ATS (55.3%). Overs dipped to 5-4 this round and still lead 39-36-2 (53.4%) overall. The zig-zag dipped to 3-4 ATS this round and 33-29-1 ATS (53.2%).

NHL: Stars beat Golden Knights 3-2 in OT to pull within 3-1 in Western Conference Finals as the game closed consensus pick-’em (stayed Under 5.5 goals). Home/Under went 1-0 on the night.The "zig-zag" (aka "loser of the last") went 1-0 as the Stars lost the previous game. 

More NHL: Faves/dogs still .500 in this round at 3-3 with 2 PKs, but dogs lead 41-36 in the playoffs with 4 PKs. Home teams went 5-3 this round but road teams still lead 44-37 overall. Unders lead 6-2 this round and Over/Unders back to .500 at 40-40-1. The zig-zag 1-5 this round and 38-29 overall.

MLB: Faves went 6-4 with upsets by Tigers (+132 vs. White Sox), Orioles (+133 at Yankees), Rockies (+105 vs. Marlins) and Mets (-103 at Cubs). Home/road teams split 5-5. Overs led 6-4. Faves lead 435-310 on season with 9 PKs. Home teams lead 403-349 with 2 neutral-site games. Overs lead 368-357-28 with 1 no-action.