Q&A about VSiN’s new audio home in 2021


Here are some of the questions I have received so far about our move from SiriusXM to iHeartMedia:

Q: Why are you guys no longer on Sirius as of January?

A: Here is what I wrote in our daily email on Tuesday.

Q: After Jan. 1, how can I listen to VSIN in my car?

A: We list the best ways to listen to VSiN in a car here.

Q: Loyal member/listener since Day 1. Tried VSiN livestream. I couldn’t skip back within a program for a previous segment. I can on Sirius.

A: Please check out the archives section of the new VSiN audio player.

If you click on the hamburger menu in the upper right (see graphic), you can find the previous 24 hours of shows. You can start from the beginning and/or skip back and forth in 60-second increments.

And if you start on the live page, you can go back in 60-second increments to the beginning of the show.

Q: The new player doesn’t work on iPhone once the Lock Screen is on or you switch off the web browser. Is there any other way?

A:  The audio player will work like you want it when we add it to the VSiN app. The new version should be ready late this week or early next.

Q: Will the new VSiN audio player allow for off-screen playback? Meaning, can I continue to listen to the VSIN audio if I am using another app on the same device?

Also, will it have the ability to listen with the screen off? I know VSIN is present on TuneIn, but I always like to go back and listen to different shows.  It appears that TuneIn only allows you to access a certain subset of shows.  Currently there is no playback available for Follow The Money on TuneIn.

A: Based on what you've told me, I think your best bet is to use the VSiN app when we add the audio link, which should be soon. We submitted the new version to the Apple and Android approval processes on Tuesday. 

I will let everyone know when the app has been updated.

Q: Is VSiN a 24-hour video network also? Is VSiN on Apple TV? I may subscribe for the video stream if I can watch from my TV.

A: Yes, we are a 24-hour network. And we do have an Apple TV app. You can access via our video subscription plan.
We are also available on FuboTV, Sling and the X1 app store. You can watch us on Roku via RTN (Racetrack Television Network).
Q: Can I get the iHeart channel on my phone or do I just listen on the VSIN app? I don’t have Apple CarPlay or Android 

A: You can listen to the iHeart app on your phone or the VSiN app (to be released soon with the audio feed, see above).

Q: I can pick up the app on my phone and hear live programming but what about via my car where I do listen all the time? I'd rather not listen through my phone, and want to use the better quality of the car speakers.

A: Depending on your car or your phone, you can get us via the iHeart app in Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Q: I’m a subscriber and avid listener, however I’m located near Toronto Canada. What is the Canadian option to listen live in the truck? Without having to stream via an app and use CarPlay?

A: That's a tough one. 
I think your best bet would be to subscribe to the VSiN Best Bets podcast, which consists of our shows in one-hour segments.
You could download while you are near wifi and then play on your phone without needing wifi.

Q: I live in SoCal and my favorite morning ritual is to go walking at 5 am and listen to Follow the Money. With Sirius I was able to replay the show since it starts at 4 am my time. How do I do this starting next week?

A: Yes, you will be able to keep your routine.
Two ways you could go:
The VSiN app will be updated soon with the audio stream. Our player offers the previous 24 hours of shows. See attachment. So you would select the 7 a.m. ET hour.

Or you could subscribe to the VSiN Best Bets podcast via your favorite podcasting platform. We post the shows in one-hour segments so the first hour would be ready shortly after 5 a.m. PT.

Q: I went to download the iHeartRadio app and I have to register and give up a lot of my information to be able to get on the app. That’s a big downside versus SiriusXM.
A: You don't have to give your information if you don't want to. And you don’t have to upgrade to the monthly payment to listen to VSiN on the iHeart app. (There are other benefits listed for the pay service. I would point out that SiriusXM has your credit card, which is way more valuable than any info you gave to iHeartRadio.
Q: Just tried to play VSIN on IHeartRadio through my Alexa. Alexa doesn’t recognize when you say VSIN or Vegas Stats & info when you ask to play on IHeartRadio. It does recognize when you ask to play “The Sports Betting Network” on iHeartRadio. I guess that’s because that’s what it’s named on the app. Just thought I’d let you know!

A: That's what we asked for. Because many people say VSiN differently, we figured it was safer to make “Alexa, play The Sports Betting Network on iHeartRadio” the phrase to use with Alexa.