Andrews: Inside South Point’s betting action on Super Bowl LVII side, money line, total


Super Bowl LVII line moves

It’s Super Bowl Week and we’re writing tons of business on the props here at the South Point to the point where they’re outwriting the game itself.
The line hasn’t been moving much. It’s different from last year when the Rams were around a 4-point favorite, which is a pretty key number, against the Bengals, so it’s not the same thing with the line for Sunday’s game under a field goal.
Still, we’ll write around 80% of our business between Friday and post-time on Sunday, so we’ll see if we match last year’s record handle.



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Philadelphia Eagles (-2, 51) vs. Kansas City Chiefs

On Sunday night, Jan. 29, after the Conference Championship Games, we opened the Chiefs as 1-point favorites, which is what we had as the advance line the week before. It took just a few minutes to move to pick-’em. We then went to Eagles -1 and then -1.5 shortly after. It stayed there a couple of days until Wednesday when we lowered the vig to -105 on both sides. We went to 2 on Sunday. We might see this turn around. Once a line peaks, it tends to go back the other direction so we might go back down, but I suspect we’ll stay at 2 until the tourists come into town on Friday.

When we put up the money line last Sunday night, we opened Eagles -140/Chiefs +120. I took a bet at +120 and lowered it to Eagles -135/Chiefs +115. On that Monday morning, someone bet $100,000 on Chiefs +115 and we went to a dime line [10-cent straddle] at Eagles -120/Chiefs +110. We did move it up to Eagles -122/Chiefs +112 but now [Tuesday afternoon] were back to -120/+110.
I opened the Over/Under at 49.5, they bet me Over 49.5, Over 50, Over 50.5 and now at 51. There’s actually been a lot of action on both sides at each number but more on the Over each time.
Chris Andrews is the Sportsbook Director at South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, a member of the Sports Betting Hall of Fame, and has been a Nevada bookmaker for over 40 years.