Andrews: Inside the betting action for NFL Conference Championship Games


Last weekend was great with the NFL divisional playoffs and now we’re down to the Final Four and unquestionably the best four teams from this season. We have two great matchups and we’re looking forward to writing a ton of action this weekend.
Once again the official Nevada rotation order is the order of the games.

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San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5, 46.5)

I opened the Eagles -1.5 on Sunday night but evidently the public disagreed as they laid it and I pretty quickly went to 2. By Monday morning, I had to move to Eagles -2.5 and we were at 2.5 all the way until Friday. We went to 3 for about an hour and a half and then back down to 2.5. And, remember, here at the South Point we don’t mess with the vig even with games at 2.5/3 as we deal -110 on both sides.



On the money line, I opened Eagles -150/49ers +130 and they took +130 on me and I went to -145/+125, but then they laid it with the Eagles and I’ve been going back and forth between -150 and -155. We’re at -150/+130 now [mid-Friday afternoon].
I opened the total at 45, they bet me Over 45, they bet me Over 45.5, they bet me Over 46 and we’re at 46.5.

Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs (-1.5, 47.5)

This one’s kinda crazy. I opened at pick-’em. The first bet was on the Chiefs and I went to -1. And then all the action turned to the Bengals. They took +1, they took pick, they laid 1, 1.5 and 2. I almost went to 2.5 as there were some 2.5s out there, but then all of a sudden the report came out that Patrick Mahomes looked pretty good and the money came in on the Chiefs. They took the points with the Chiefs and I skipped over pick-’em and went straight to Chiefs -1, then 1.5. We’re been booking pretty even business at 1.5.

The money line moved in conjunction back and forth, so I won’t really go into those details. We’re currently at Chiefs -127/Bengals +107.
This total opened at 47 and once the news came out that Mahomes was at practice, they bet me Over 47 and I’m at 47.5.

Chris Andrews is the Sportsbook Director at South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, a member of the Sports Betting Hall of Fame, and has been a Nevada bookmaker for 40 years.