NFL rescheduling Week 15 games, sportsbooks moving around lines


COVID forced the hand of the NFL this week, much to the chagrin of teams that don’t have major outbreaks. The NFL is changing COVID protocols on the fly, including new negative test requirements and ways to allow vaccinated, asymptomatic players to return quicker than in the past.

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Raiders vs. Browns

The Raiders vs. Browns game was moved from Saturday to Monday at 5 p.m. ET and will be the first game of what is now a Monday Night Football doubleheader.

The line for Raiders vs. Browns, which was as high as Cleveland -6.5 on one end and Las Vegas -4.5 on the other end, was adjusted down to a pick-em with the schedule adjustment at several sportsbooks.

Washington vs. Eagles

Shortly after moving the Browns game, the NFL acted to push this NFC East showdown to Tuesday. The Football Team has upwards of 25 players on the reserve/COVID list, including both quarterbacks, much like the Browns. That line swung from Eagles -2.5 to as high as -12.5 when it was said that Garrett Gilbert was in line to start at QB.

As the rumors of a rescheduled game surfaced, the line dropped back down to Philadelphia -7.5 or -8.

Seahawks vs. Rams

Tuesday will also feature the matchup between the Seahawks and Rams. Seattle has a much lighter COVID list, though it does include Tyler Lockett. The Rams have more than 20 players on the COVID list, though Matt Stafford is not one of them, so we didn’t see an enormous line movement in this NFC West clash.

That line dropped from Rams -7 to as low as Rams -3.5, but was up to -6.5 again before the game was re-posted for Tuesday.

Keep an eye on our Week 15 COVID Tracker to see who’s in and who’s out as the league scrambles to figure out what to do with this weekend’s action.