SuperContest picks hit SuperBad 33.9% rate in Week 7


LAS VEGAS–The collective group of SuperContest entrants had a historically bad week.

The Top 5 Consensus went 0-5 with the Bengals, Packers, Panthers Broncos and 49ers all failing to cover against the SuperContest spreads. You might recall that in Week 1, the Top 5 also went 0-5. In that week, the overall consensus on all games went 5-9-1 and all picks of all SuperContestants went a pitiful 4999-7772-899 (39.1%).


Well, this Week 7 was far worse as the overall consensus (using the most-picked team in each game) went 1-13-1 (with the top 11 picks all losing) after the Redskins failed to cover as 5-point underdogs on the SuperContest line in their 34-24 loss to the Eagles. The Vikings was the only winner to get picked by a majority of SuperContestants while the push was in the Jets-Dolphins game as Miami won 31-28 as a 3-point home favorite.

Furthermore, all picks of all players ended up 4,344-8,482-809 (33.9% after throwing out the pushes). ComptrBob, a poster in my Forums (who also goes by @ComptrBob on Twitter) points out that the previous worst SuperContest week he has on record was Week 3 of 2013 when SuperContestants hit a combined 36.7%.

In the individual race for the big money, there is now an eight-way tie for first place at 25-10 (71.4%) with Tunnel Vision, Angel of Vengeance, Cali Cappers. Fli 2, Kivlehan, Lou All, PHD Sports and VegasWeHaveAProblem4. Last week’s leader, Tunnel Vision, and Angel of Vengeance could have moved ahead by themselves but lost with the Redskins on Monday night. Note: the Westgate is paying a $15,000 bonus to the leader(s) after eight weeks. I know Jay Kornegay is hoping someone separates from the pack next week as opposed to having to cut a lot of smaller checks.

The Top 5 in the $5,000 SuperContest Gold, which is in its first year, didn’t fare much better as it went 0-4-1 with the Dolphins -3 making the cut.

BKSF continues to lead the winner-take-all Gold contest at 26-9 (74.3%) despite a 2-3 week. BKSF has a whopping 4-point lead over second-place Trusted Link Sports at 22 points with a record of 21-12-2 (SuperContest players earn 1 point per win and half a point per push). Better Odds could have moved into a tie for second place but also fell short with the Redskins.