College Basketball Projections and Best Bets for 12/11 from the T Shoe Index


T Shoe Index CBB projections for December 11

As I’ve mentioned before, the basketball version(s) of the T Shoe Index are relatively new in comparison to the football versions; however, this season is off to a great start from a betting perspective, as men’s and women’s college basketball bets based on TSI have gone 46-29 (61%). As expected, it’s been easier to capitalize on softer lines on the women’s size than men’s, but with that has come some, shall we say, coincidental extreme line movement after I’ve posted my bets, making it a little harder for my followers to take advantage of the same lines I’m betting. 


To combat this, I wanted to include my projections in this article so that you can find the biggest discrepancies and bet them once lines get posted. Due to the lateness of the lines getting posted, the only way to get my personal WCBB bets is to follow me on X @TShoeIndex, but I’ll be posting my top men’s plays right here in this article that will run 2-3x per week. 

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These “Projections and Best Bets” pieces will be occurring 2-3x per week on once we get through bowl season, so buckle up and get ready to take advantage of having the T Shoe Index at your disposal from now on. 

As a refresher, the T Shoe Index (TSI) is my proprietary rating system that I use for college football, NFL, men’s and women’s college basketball, and WNBA. It is a tempo and opponent-adjusted rating that allows us to answer the question, “How many points would team A be expected to score and allow vs Team B”, based on a myriad of statistical factors. 

Here are the TSI projections for today, December 11th:

How to read this sheet: the “TSI Projected Spread” is the projected point margin based on TSI ratings. If the number is positive, that indicates Team 1 is projected to win by that margin, if the number is negative, that indicates Team 2 is projected to win by that margin. i.e. today, Samford is projected to beat Alabama A&M by 23.8 points, with a projected total of 154.