College Basketball Projections and Best Bets for 12/6 from the T Shoe Index


T Shoe Index CBB projections for December 6

Yesterday was our first go at men’s college basketball this season, and best bets finished 2-1. If you followed me on X and got my full card, you know we went 6-2 on the day – not to mention going 2-1 on women’s games as well, for a nice 8-3 betting day on the hardwood. Follow me @TShoeIndex.


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These “Projections and Best Bets” pieces will be occurring 2-3x per week on once we get through bowl season, so buckle up and get ready to take advantage of having the T Shoe Index at your disposal from now on. 

As a refresher, the T Shoe Index (TSI) is my proprietary rating system that I use for college football, NFL, men’s and women’s college basketball, and WNBA. It is a tempo and opponent-adjusted rating that allows us to answer the question, “How many points would team A be expected to score and allow vs Team B”, based on a myriad of statistical factors. 

I hope to get to a point where my college basketball publications can be as robust as my college football and NFL, but due to the overlapping seasons and the fact I’ve been doing basketball for fewer years than football, that’s not in the cards at the moment – although I do personally have each team’s offensive and defensive rating, so feel free to reach out if you’re curious about a specific team(s). 

Now, let’s see what TSI has on deck for us in college hoops today:

How to interpret the projections: If the projected spread is a positive number, that indicates the team on the left is the projected favorite. If it’s a negative number, that indicates the team on the right is the projected favorite. So, for today, Abilene Christian is projected to beat Northern Arizona by 5.5, for example.