Andrews: Inside the betting action for college football Week 12 games


The calm before the storm.
Of course, next week is Thanksgiving and we have games on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday but so far this week, we are not seeing a ton of movement.
Some very good action on quite a few games but not enough big bets to move me just yet. It is not a bad card this week, not a ton of sexy matchups but some solid games between pretty decent teams. Like I say, some very good action but very little movement.

Here we go. As always, the games are presented in official Nevada rotation order.


Texas Tech at Iowa State (-3.5, 47.5)

We opened 3.5, good recreational action both ways but we haven’t moved it. I’m looking at the market and it’s a solid 3.5 everywhere. No movement on the total, no money line, nothing.

No. 19 Kansas State (-7.5, 54.5) at West Virginia

Another one here. We opened 7.5 and we do have money on Kansas State. I see 8s popping up in the market but we haven’t gotten there yet and it looks like it is trending that way. Mostly public play at our store – and nothing on the total.

North Carolina State at Louisville (-4, 45)

And yet another one. We opened 4, haven’t moved it. I see a couple of 3.5s out there and I see a 4.5 but we haven’t gotten played on the game yet. Decent action but nothing moveable. Nothing on the total either.

Illinois at No. 3 Michigan (-17.5, 41)

I hate to sound like a broken record, but we opened Michigan -17.5 and haven’t moved it. I see a couple of 18s out there. The ticket count is certainly in favor of Michigan, about 3-to-1. I think 17.5 is a decent number, myself. And nothing on the total.

Houston at East Carolina (-6, 67.5)

Here we go again. It’s a solid 6, haven’t moved it. I’m looking at the screen and like I said in the open, just hasn’t been a lot of movement this week. Decent handle but very little movement to this point.

Texas (-9, 64) at Kansas

This is a good game with very good business both ways – all recreational. We’re at 9 and haven’t moved it. No wise guy play at all.

Iowa at Minnesota (-2.5, 33)

We opened Minnesota -3, they took the 3 and we’re down to 2.5. We opened the total 32.5, which in this day and age, is pretty unbelievable. They did bet me Over though and we’re at 33. I do see as low as 31.5 in the market. It is hard for me to say that there wasn’t one but I sure don’t ever remember a college football total under 30.

UAB at No. 6 LSU (-15, 52.5)

We opened the game 14.5, they laid the 14.5 and I’m up to 15. They’re starting to lay the 15 with me, too.

Stanford at Cal (-4.5, 46.5)

This used to be “The Big Game.” I always recall the famous Cal lateral game and I was on the right side of that one. But nothing much in this one. We opened 4.5, haven’t moved it. No total, no money line, nothing.

No. 7 USC (-2.5, 76) at No. 16 UCLA

This one has a lot of action on it. We opened 2.5 and haven’t moved it but this game is getting a great deal of attention. There are a couple of 2s out there but I haven’t seen 3. We opened the total 75.5 and we’re up to 76.

No. 10 Utah (-2.5, 60) at No. 12 Oregon

Now this is a crazy one. We opened Oregon -3. They took it and we went to 2.5. We got a little more Utah money and went to 2. Then the news came out that Bo Nix is not going to play in this game, so we switched it all the way to Utah -2. They laid the 2 a little bit and I went to 2.5. We’ve got money line play on Utah as well. We moved the total, too. We were at 63 with Nix in the game and now we are at 60, all based on the news. Primarily public play on Utah, but I don’t have any sharp play on Oregon either.

No. 4 TCU (-2.5, 58) at Baylor

This is a good action game. We opened TCU -3 and the first bet came in on Baylor +3. They laid back the 2.5, I went to 3 again, and they took the 3 again, so we’re back to 2.5. This one has been back and forth. Good action game but nothing on the total.

No. 14 Mississippi (-2.5, 64) at Arkansas

We opened Mississippi -3, they took it and we’re down to 2.5. I wonder if we made a mistake on the total. We opened it 61 and we’re all the way up to 64. Some sharp play for sure but we were also just keeping up with the market.

No. 24 Oklahoma State at Oklahoma (-7.5, 66)

Bedlam. We opened Oklahoma -7.5. We’re still at 7.5, although they are taking the dog in this game. I see some 7s popping up in the market. We haven’t moved it yet, but I have a feeling we’re going to get there. Nothing yet on the total.

Wisconsin (-11, 39.5) at Nebraska

It seems like there’s been more movement on Nebraska games this season than any other team. We opened Wisconsin -13. They took the 13 and we went to 12. They took the 12, we went to 11.5, they took the 11.5, we went to 11. A lot of movement on this game – and I even see it lower at 10 or 10.5, but I haven’t gotten bet down that far yet. Nothing on the total, however.

Chris Andrews is the Sportsbook Director at South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, a member of the Sports Betting Hall of Fame, and has been a Nevada bookmaker for over 40 years.