Tiger troubles raise questions about his Vegas no-show


Tiger Woods’ absence at his 19th Tiger Jam charity benefit is raising eyebrows in the wake of his arrest this week.
A source familiar with Woods’ schedule told me three weeks ago that the troubled golfer had indicated he was attending the May 19-20 event at the MGM Grand and Shadow Creek golf course.
A May 16 press release had suggested Woods would be escorting special guest Kate Upton, the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl, down the red carpet.
Instead, Woods appeared in a video thanking the guests for their support and assured them he would be back in 2018.
It marked the first time Woods was a no-show at the event.
The fundraising arm of the Tiger Woods Foundation has raised $20 million.
Woods, 41, was found sleeping in his car at 2 a.m. Monday in Jupiter, Florida. The car had flat tires and was damaged. Woods was charged with driving under the influence. According to the police report, Woods had blood alcohol level of 0.00 after taking an alcohol breathalyzer test. The report added he indicated he was taking four prescription medications in recent years, most of them falling in the painkilling category.
“He was never a big drinker,” said the source, “so it wasn’t a big surprise that he registered a .000 breath test for alcohol.”
Marie Osmond sends her love to OMJ
Former Flamingo headliner Olivia Newton-John has put her tour of the U.S. and Canada on hold after learning her breast cancer has returned after being in remission for 25 years.
Newton-John, 68, said in a statement that she’s confident she’ll return to the tour later this year after photon radiation and natural wellness therapies.
She had experienced back pain before the diagnosis revealed the cancer had moved to her lower back, in the sacrum, a wedge-shaped vertebra at the base of the spine where it forms part of the pelvis.
Marie Osmond, who shared the Flamingo showroom with Newton-John, sent a supportive note via Twitter on Wednesday.
“You CANCER-VIVE my dear friend @olivianj! If anyone can beat this YOU will. You are one of the strongest women I know. I LOVE you.”
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The punch line
“A new study from Harvard says you can reduce the risk of a potentially fatal heart condition by eating six bars of chocolate a week. Yeah. It reduces the chance of a heart attack because once you give up being in shape, you have way less stress.” – James Corden.