ATS Report for Monday, July 24, on MLB, plus updated season-long betting stats


Monday Betting Recaps

Monday was a relatively quiet sports betting day after a rather hectic weekend.


Top MLB Resources:

For our purposes here, I’ll stick to the MLB results with our nightly recaps that we post on Twitter @ViewFromVegas as underdogs had a very good night on Monday (which is usually good for the books, just like when dogs went 10-5 on Saturday), and then update the season-long betting stats.

MLB: Underdogs went 7-3 on Monday. The biggest upsets were by the Pirates (+225 in 8-4 win at Padres), Royals (+180 in 5-3 win at Guardians), Rockies (+149 in 10-6 win at Nationals) and Cardinals (+149 in 10-6 win at Diamondbacks). Road teams went 6-4. Unders led 6-4.

More MLB: On the season, faves still lead 850-619 with 25 games closing pick-’em. Home teams lead 777-713 despite the 4-6 night (home teams did go 20-10 on Saturday/Sunday after road teams had been cutting into the lead recently) with 4 neutral-site games. Unders improved slim lead to 722-709-62 with 1 no-action.