ATS Report for Sunday, July 2, on MLB, plus updated season-long betting stats




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Sunday Betting Recaps

Sunday was a pretty busy sports betting day in the middle of the holiday weekend, though for yours truly, Dave Tuley, it was a travel day as we drove the family truckster nearly 10 hours from Las Vegas to San Francisco for a family vacation this week.

Holiday road, indeed.
For our purposes here, we recaps the MLB betting results every night of the regular season, and it was a dog day afternoon for the most part with dogs going 8-6 Sunday with 1 pick-’em. Let’s get to the details, as well as updating the season-long betting stats.

MLB: Underdogs went 8-6 Sunday with Yankees-Cardinals closing pick-’em. The biggest upsets were by the Nationals (+215 in 5-4 win at Phillies), Red Sox (+175 in 5-4 win at Blue Jays) and Royals (+160 in 9-1 rout vs. Dodgers). Home teams went 8-7. Overs led 8-5-3 with pushes in MIL-PIT (9) and WAS-PHI (9).

More MLB: On the season, favorites still lead 714-525 with 21 games closing pick-’em. Home teams’ lead has been dipping lately but still lead 654-602 with 4 neutral-site games. Unders’ lead is down to 605-602-52 with 1 no-action.