ATS Report for Wednesday, July 19, on an upset-filled MLB card in the dog days of summer


Wednesday Betting Recaps

Wednesday was your typical hump day in the middle of the dog days of summer, except that dogs were going crazier than usual as they actually led 9-6 straight-up on the full MLB schedule.


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One note that I didn’t include in my nightly recaps on Twitter @ViewFromVegas is that home dogs went an impressive 5-1 on the night (I saved that just for my regular VSiN readers of these ATS Reports). The only dog that failed to win at home: the lowly Kansas City Royals as they lost 3-2 to the Tigers as +135 home dogs.
Anyway, let’s get to those nightly betting recaps (also with more detail than we’re able to include in the 280-character Tweets), then update the season-long betting stats.

MLB: Underdogs dominated 9-6 on Wednesday with the biggest upsets by the Diamondbacks (+200 in 5-3 win at Braves), A’s (+195 in 6-5 win vs. Red Sox), Twins (+135 in 6-3 win at Mariners); Brewers (+125 in 5-3 win at Phillies), Pirates (+125 in 7-5 win vs. Guardians). Angels (+124 in 7-3 win vs. Yankees) and Orioles (+120 in 8-5 win vs. Dodgers). Home teams went 9-6. Unders led 8-7.

More MLB: On the season, faves still lead 819-587 with 24 games closing pick-’em. Home teams lead 740-686 with 4 neutral-site games, though road teams have been cutting into lead lately. Unders improved very slim lead to 686-684-59 with 1 no-action