NBA 3-point contest predictions

The main event of the NBA All-Star Weekend is never the game. It is the 3-point contest and the dunk contest. DraftKings Sportsbooks has odds up for both and we’ve got a good set of sharpshooters ready to move around the perimeter and take 3-pointers.

Admittedly, it is a bit of a crapshoot when it comes to NBA 3-point contest predictions, but there are a few things that could potentially give you an edge betting this market. As always, bet responsibly, since this is an exhibition and a very tough thing to quantify.


NBA 3-point contest odds

  • Damian Lillard +475
  • Tyrese Haliburton +550
  • Trae Young +600
  • Malik Beasley +600
  • Karl-Anthony Towns +600
  • Jalen Brunson +600
  • Lauri Markkanen +650
  • Donovan Mitchell +700

Haliburton has a bit of a hometown edge in this one as an Indiana Pacer, but the All-Star Skills festivities will be at Lucas Oil Stadium, not Gainbridge Fieldhouse (though Sunday’s All-Star Game will be there). Lillard is the defending champion and there is likely something to be said about having performed and won this contest before, much like it seems to help in terms of something like the MLB Home Run Derby.

Towns is also a past winner, as he emerged victorious in the 2022 All-Star Game in Cleveland.

Those are some angles worth considering here, but you obviously want to see how all of the contestants are doing with their numbers this season.

3-Point Contest Format

The 3-point contest format has changed a lot in recent years. Players still have five racks of five balls, but one rack of balls is all “Money Balls”, meaning each one is worth two points. All regular basketballs are worth one point.

This year’s contest features the “Starry Range” in honor of the title sponsor, formerly known as Sierra Mist. The Starry Range is designated by a decal on the floor and that ball is worth three points, for 27 total balls and 40 possible points.

Each shooter has 70 seconds to take as many shots as possible and score points. 

From, this is the court layout:

The three players with the highest scores advance to the Championship Round.

How to Watch the NBA 3-Point Contest

The NBA 3-point contest will be on TNT on Saturday, February 17 around 8:45 p.m. ET.

NBA 3-point contest participants stats

(stats through Feb. 14)

3-Point Percentage

  • Lillard: 34.4% (134th)
  • Haliburton: 40% (47th)
  • Young: 37.1% (99th)
  • Beasley: 44.9% (6th)
  • Towns: 43.6% (12th)
  • Brunson: 41.1% (33rd)
  • Markkanen: 40.4% (41st)
  • Mitchell: 36.1% (119th)

Corner 3-Point Percentage

(per Cleaning The Glass)

  • Lillard: 24% (7/29)
  • Haliburton: 50% (13/26)
  • Young: 42% (11/26)
  • Beasley: 51% (71/139)
  • Towns: 32% (8/25)
  • Brunson: 49% (20/41)
  • Markkanen: 43% (32/74)
  • Mitchell: 32% (6/19)

Not Corner 3-Point Percentage

(per Cleaning The Glass)

  • Lillard: 35% (134/380)
  • Haliburton: 40% (121/306)
  • Young: 37% (150/404)
  • Beasley: 41% (81/200)
  • Towns: 45% (112/248)
  • Brunson: 41% (118/291)
  • Markkanen: 40% (112/282)
  • Mitchell: 37% (138/375)

3-Point Contest Picks

Based on the odds and the above stats, my pick to win the 3-point contest is Malik Beasley (+600) I like that Beasley does not shy away from corner 3s and has actually had tremendous success with them. That makes up 10 of the 27 shots, so those are important ones to knock down.

Obviously any one of these guys could win and my second choice would be Jalen Brunson (+600). He’s an MVP candidate and may simply be a little more focused, plus I like his consistency in both stats, especially the fact that he has made nearly half of his corner 3s.