Andrews: Inside the betting action for NFL Week 11 games


Before we get started, we had the Browns-Bills game moved to Detroit this week due to severe weather in the Buffalo area. I encourage everybody to check the house rules wherever you bet and be certain of what you are dealing with because there are many different books and many different rules.
For instance, here at South Point, we refunded all of the bets that were made prior to the change of venue. I know other books that are treating those tickets still as live action. Know your book’s rules in advance so that you are not surprised after the fact.

With that, let’s get to the games, presented in official Nevada rotation order.


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Carolina Panthers at Baltimore Ravens (-13, 41.5)

We opened the Ravens -11.5 and they climbed the ladder with them. They laid us 11.5, 12, 12.5, and we’re now at 13. We opened the total 44.5 and we are down to 41.5. They bet me Under 44.5 and I moved it a point, bet me Under 43.5, and again I moved it a point. I moved it to 42.5 and they bet me Under again and we are at 41.5. A combination of good-sized bets and staying in line with the market.

Philadelphia Eagles (-7, 45.5) at Indianapolis Colts

We opened this game 9 before the Monday Night Football game and got almost no business. We reopened 7 after Monday and they took the 7, I went to 6.5, and they laid back the 6.5, so once again, we are at 7 on the game. Again, after the Monday night game, we reopened the total 44.5. They bet me Over and I went to 45, they bet me Over again and I went to 45.5.

Washington Commanders (-3, 40.5) at Houston Texans

We opened Washington -2.5 before the Monday night game. We reopened it at 3. They laid the 3, I went to 3.5, they took the 3.5, so we’re back to 3. Is it one of our larger differences in ticket count with about 5-to-1 on Washington. Nothing on the total.

New York Jets at New England Patriots (-3.5, 38)

We opened it 3. They laid the 3 and I went to 3.5. They took the 3.5 and we’re back to 3 and then they laid it again so we’re back to 3.5. This one has gone back and forth a couple of times. Sharp play laying the 3 and also sharp play taking the 3.5. The total is 38. We’re getting some business both ways, but we haven’t moved it.

Detroit Lions at New York Giants (-3, 44.5)

We opened Giants -4. They took the 4, took the 3.5, we went to 3 and they laid me the 3. I went to 3.5 and they took it again so I’m back to 3. The 3s at our joint really promote a lot of action because we never move off of the -110, so we’re either moving it up to 3.5 or down to 2.5 but never adding any extra juice to the number. The ticket count is in favor of the Giants about 4-to-1. Lotta action on the total, too. We opened 45.5, they bet me Over. I went to 46, they bet me Under 46, and then they bet me Under 45.5 and I went to 44.5. They’re starting to bet me Over 44.5 a little bit, but not enough to get me back to 45.

Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints (-2.5, 39)

We opened Saints -3, then we heard that Matthew Stafford was out for the Rams. So we go to 4 and they took the 4, took the 3.5, and we were doing pretty good two-way business at 3. Then they said Stafford is definitely in and now we’re at 2.5. The total hasn’t changed though, with or without Stafford, we’re at 39.

Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons (-3, 49.5)

We opened 3, they laid the 3 and we went to 3.5. They took back the 3.5 and now even at the 3, they’re taking it. I see 3s out there with juice on the dog and 2.5s with juice on the favorite, so I have a feeling we’ll get to 2.5 on this game. About a 5-to-2 ratio on the tickets on the Bears, too. We opened the total 49.5 and it hasn’t moved.

Cleveland Browns vs. Buffalo Bills (-7.5, 49.5) in Detroit

We opened it 9, they took it and we went to 8. Then they announced the new location, so we reopened it at 7.5. We haven’t moved it from here as 7.5 seems fine with good two-way action. No sharp action since we reopened. We reopened the total 48.5 and they bet us Over and we’re at 49.5.

Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos (-2.5, 41.5)

We opened this one 2.5, they laid it. We went to 3 and they took it and we are back to 2.5. We opened the total 41.5 and it hasn’t moved.

Dallas Cowboys (-1.5, 47.5) at Minnesota Vikings

We opened this pick-’em. They bet me the Cowboys at pick, then they bet me Cowboys at -1. I’m at 1.5 and writing pretty equal business, though it’s about a 2-to-1 ticket count on the Vikings. We opened 47.5 on the total and it hasn’t moved.

Cincinnati Bengals (-4, 41) at Pittsburgh Steelers

We opened the Bengals -5. They took the 5, we went to 4.5, they took the 4.5, so now we’re at 4 and getting pretty evenly balanced action. We opened the total 41.5, they bet me Under and we’re at 41. I am a little surprised by the move on Pittsburgh, but they do have a great record with T.J. Watt in the lineup and he is a huge disrupter.

Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5, 52) at Los Angeles Chargers

We opened the Chiefs -7. They took the 7, they took the 6.5, took the 6, and we’re at 5.5 as of Friday night. We’re writing even business at the 5.5, but the ticket count is about 3-to-1 in favor of Kansas City. We opened the total 50. They bet me Over 50, Over 51, and we’re at 52 now.

San Francisco 49ers (-8, 43.5) vs. Cardinals in Mexico City

I opened 7 and they laid me the 7, laid me the 7.5, and now we’re at 8. Personally I think the number is a little high. I liked my opener of 7. We’re about 2-to-1 ticket count on the Niners but that is to be expected with a big favorite. We opened the total 43.5 and haven’t moved it.

Chris Andrews is the Sportsbook Director at South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, a member of the Sports Betting Hall of Fame, and has been a Nevada bookmaker for over 40 years.