Andrews: Inside the betting action for rest of NFL Week 12 schedule


I mentioned in our column that came out on Thursday that I have spent countless Thanksgivings rooting for the Lions and against the Cowboys.
Well, we needed the Lions and that worked out, but for the first time in a while I was actually rooting for the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. Double-digits in the NFL, oftentimes that back door is wide open and the Giants got us. We were pretty even on the Patriots-Vikings game, but money line parlays and teasers with all three home favorites coming in had my turkey tasting a bit more sour than I would have preferred.
On to Sunday. Here are the games presented in official Nevada rotation.

Baltimore Ravens (-4, 43.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars


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We opened 4 and we haven’t ever moved it. The ticket count is heavy on the Ravens at about 6-to-1. We do have some money line play, however, on the Jaguars. We opened -200/+175 and we’re down to -180/+175. We opened the total 45. They bet me Under 45 and I went to 44. They bet me Under 44 and now I’m at 43.5.

Denver Broncos (-1, 36) at Carolina Panthers

We opened the Broncos -2.5. They took the 2.5 and I went to 2. They took the 2 and I went to 1. Definitely sharp money on the Panthers. The business is pretty even on the total but a little bit of money on the Over. We opened 35 and are up to 36.

Atlanta Falcons at Washington Commanders (-4, 41)

We opened 3.5. They laid the 3.5 and we went to 4. They laid the 4 and I went to 4.5. They took the 4.5 and I’m back to 4 on the game. We opened the total 43, they bet me Under and I went to 42.5. They bet me Under that and I went all the way to 41 because that’s where the market was – and even lower in some spots.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3.5, 42) at Cleveland Browns

We opened the Bucs -3. They laid me the 3, we went to 3.5, and that’s where we are right now as of Friday night. There is supposed to be some weather in this game, so they’re betting me Under. We opened 43.5, they bet me Under that, I went to 43, they bet me Under that and I went to 42, which is where I am right now.

Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5, 43) at Tennessee Titans

We opened the Bengals -1. They laid it and I went to 1.5. They laid me again and I skipped the 2 and went to 2.5 because I saw the market going up. I think some of this had to do with Ja’Marr Chase being expected to play this week. The public is beginning to take back the +2.5, but the wise guys are on the favorite. Again, with the Chase news, we have some money on the Over and have moved the total from 42.5 to 43.

Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins (-14, 46.5)

We opened this game 12. They laid me the 12 and I went straight to 13. They laid me the 13 and I went to 13.5. They laid me the 13.5 and now we’re at 14, but I moved this pretty quickly, so I’m not too far out of balance on the game. I have a feeling I’m going to have to beg, borrow, and steal in order to get Texans money, so like I say, I moved this pretty quickly. It seemed the move to Kyle Allen at quarterback for Houston did trigger some of the Miami money, too. We opened the total 46, we got bet Over, and we’re at 46.5.

Chicago Bears at New York Jets (-5.5, 38.5)

This game has had a lot of movement. A weird one for sure. We opened 6, they took it, I went to 5. They took that and I went to 4.5. Then they laid back the 4.5, laid back the 5. I went to 6 again and they took the 6 again, so I’m at 5.5 now. Sharp money all along the way on both sides and I think a lot of it has had to do with the information on the quarterbacks in this game. I’m definitely high on Bears money. Quite a bit of movement on the total, too – and again, with the quarterback stuff. We opened 42, they bet me Under, and we went to 41. They bet me Under that and I went to 39.5. They bet me Under that and I moved it a point and a half again, going to 38. And then they bet me Over, so now I’m at 38.5.

Las Vegas Raiders at Seattle Seahawks (-4, 47.5)

We opened the Seahawks -4.5, they took the 4.5, I went to 4, they took the 4. I went to 3.5 and they laid it back, so I’m at 4 right now. Still a little heavy on Raiders money. We opened the total 47.5 and haven’t budged.

Los Angeles Chargers (-2.5, 48) at Arizona Cardinals

We opened the Chargers -3.5. After the Monday night game, I reopened the game 4. I do not like this Cardinals team and they are horrible at home, but the wise guys have been taking the 4. I went to 3.5, they took the 3.5, I went to 3 and they took the 3 – all sharp money – so now I’m at 2.5. We opened the total 47.5, they bet me Over and I’m at 48.

Los Angeles Rams at Kansas City Chiefs (-15.5, 42.5)

I opened this 14.5, they laid it, I went to 15, they laid that and I went to 15.5. Similar to the Dolphins game, I moved this pretty quickly so we are not in too bad of shape. No Matthew Stafford. It doesn’t look good, but double-digits in the NFL, teams seem to find a way to hang around. We opened the total 44, they bet me Under, I went to 43, they bet me Under that and I’m at 42.5.

New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers (-9, 42.5)

I opened the Niners -8 before the Monday night game. I reopened it on Tuesday morning at 9 and we’re doing pretty equal business on the 9. The public is on the favorite. I opened the total 42, but after the Monday night game, I reopened it 42.5 and haven’t budged since.

Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5, 46.5)

I opened the Eagles -7.5. They took the 7.5, they took the 7, so I’m at 6.5 and the public is starting to lay it back, but certainly not enough yet to get back to 7. This is a big holiday weekend and I think we’ll still have a good crowd around on Sunday night, so I don’t think I’ll have to go begging for Eagles money. Yes, there will likely be a lot of Packers fans in town, too, and they are a very public team, but they don’t mind abandoning their team with the way the Packers have been playing. I think we’ll close this game back at 7.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts (-2.5, 39.5)

We opened the game 3. They took the 3, so we are at 2.5, but they’re laying it back with some pretty big money. I’m not positive if it’s wise guys, but definitely big money. I will probably go to 3 but haven’t yet. Nothing on the total. Opened 39.5 and haven’t moved it.

Chris Andrews is the Sportsbook Director at South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, a member of the Sports Betting Hall of Fame, and has been a Nevada bookmaker for over 40 years.