Circa contest update for NFL Week 11


There is such a difference of opinion in this Sunday’s Cowboys-Vikings NFL game that both sides ended up in the Top 5 picks in Week 11 of the Circa Sports Million football handicapping contest.
The No. 1 Most-Selected Team is the Giants -3 vs. the Lions with the Cowboys -1.5 at the Vikings ranking No. 2. After the Chargers +5.5 at the Chiefs and the Bears +3 at the Falcons, the No. 5 most picked team is the VIkings +1.5 vs. the Cowboys.

From following these high-end Vegas contests the past 24 years, I would say this happens once or twice a season – usually in a high-profile game with two teams that are popular with the betting public. For those who are curious (or want a 6th game to consider or to root for or against), the No. 6 play is the Steelers +4 vs. the Bengals.
The Circa Sports Million Top 5 is 26-21-3 (55.3%) so far this season after going 2-3 in Week 10. The No. 1 pick dipped to 7-3 (70%) last week after Seahawks +3 came up short in a 21-16 loss to the Buccaneers in Germany.
We have co-leaders with eight weeks to go as Enut-1 went 4-1 in Week 10 to catch TAIL PARTY-2 at 36-13-1 (73.5%) for the top spot. The Circa Sports Million drew 4,691 entries this season at $1,000 apiece and has a guaranteed $6 million prize pool with $1 million going to the champion.
The co-leaders have two common plays with the Colts +6.5 vs. the Eagles and the Patriots -3.5 vs. the Jets. Enut-1’s other plays are the Browns +8 vs. the Bills (game has been moved to Detroit due to the blizzard in the Buffalo area), Commanders -3.5 at the Texans and Giants -3 vs. the Lions. TAIL PARTY-2’s other plays are the Bears +3 at the Falcons, Chargers +5.5 vs. the Chiefs and Steelers +4 vs. the Bengals.
In the $6.133 million Circa Survivor (6,133 entries at $1,000 apiece), there were 86 live entries after Week 10, but the field is already down to 83 with three being eliminated with the Packers in their 27-17 loss vs. the Titans on Thursday Night Football.
The Ravens were the most-selected team in Week 11 as 25 of the 27 contestants who still had them available used them vs. the Panthers on Sunday (for those who don’t know, Circa Survivor requires players to pick one team to win each week and can’t use the same team twice).


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The 49ers were the second choice as 15 used them, with 13 on the Bills, 9 on the Giants, 8 on the Patriot, 4 on the Falcons, 4 on the Bengals, the aforementioned ill-fated 3 on the Packers, 2 on the Commanders and 1 each on the Saints, Chiefs and Eagles.
The entrants that survive this weekend will have to make a pick in an extra “Thanksgiving Week” among the three games on the holiday, and then find another winner on the rest of the Week 12 NFL schedule on that Sunday and Monday.