First TD and anytime TD scorer selections for NFL Week 2


I’ve highlighted some anytime and 1st touchdown bets I made this weekend. I am making .5x to 1x unit bets on all of these with $200 = 1x.  Last week, I made 13 1st TD bets with one winner, Sterling Shepard at 16/1. I made 16 anytime TD bets with two winners. I lost a total of $885 Week 1 on TD props. This week I am risking $4500 in TD props.



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Jameis Winston 1st TD %plussign@00 (BetMGM) 1x/Jameis Winston Anytime TD %plussignU0 (DraftKings) 1x


Justin Fields anytime TD %plussign% 420 (FanDuel) 1x


David Njoku 1st TD %plussign% 1600 (DraftKings) .5x/Anytime TD %plussign% 280( (FanDuel) 1x
Pharoah Brown 1st TD %plussign% 3800 1x (FanDuel)/Anytime TD %plussign% 750 (FanDuel) 1x


Cooper Kupp Anytime TD %plussign% 135 (FanDuel) 1x


Teddy Bridgewater 1st TD %plussign% 2200 (DraftKings) 1x/Anytime TD %plussign% 380 (DraftKings) 1x
Albert Okwuegbunam Anytime TD %plussign% 500 (FanDuel) 1x


Hunter Henry Anytime TD %plussign% 270 (FanDuel) 1x
Kendrick Bourne Anytime TD %plussign% 410 (FanDuel) 1x
J.J. Taylor 1st TD %plussign@00 (DraftKings) 1x/Anytime TD %plussign% 800 (FanDuel) 1x


Kyle Juszczyk 1st TD %plussign% 3000 (FanDuel) 1x/Anytime TD %plussign`0 (FanDuel) 1x
Quez Watkins 1st TD %plussign% 2800 (DraftKings) 1x/Anytime TD %plussign% 480 (FanDuel)1x
Zach Ertz Anytime TD %plussign% 430 (FanDuel) 1x


Mike Williams Anytime TD %plussign% 165 (FanDuel) 1x
Donald Parham 1st TD %plussign% 3500 (DraftKings) 1x/Anytime TD %plussign% 470 (FanDuel) 1x