Super Bowl Winners and Betting History

There have been 57 Super Bowls in NFL history and the favorite is 35-21 straight up with one pick ’em game (Super Bowl XLI between the 49ers and Bengals). The favorite is 25-28-3 ATS, with the straight-up winner as the ATS winner in Super Bowl XLI.

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With 56 lined totals in the Super Bowl, the Over is 28-27-1, with the push coming in Super Bowl XXV between the Giants and Bills.

1 (1/15/67)GB -14Green Bay35Kansas City10Green BayGreen BayN/A
2 (1/14/68)GB -13.543Green Bay33Oakland14Green BayGreen BayOver
3 (1/12/69)Bal -1840Baltimore7NY Jets16NY JetsNY JetsUnder
4 (1/11/70)Min -1239Minnesota7Kansas City23Kansas CityKansas CityUnder
5 (1/17/71)Dal -2.536Dallas13Baltimore16BaltimoreBaltimoreUnder
6 (1/16/72)Dal -634Dallas24Miami3DallasDallasUnder
7 (1/14/73)Was -1.533Washington7Miami14MiamiMiamiUnder
8 (1/13/74)Mia -6.533Minnesota7Miami24MiamiMiamiUnder
9 (1/12/75)Pit -333Minnesota6Pittsburgh16PittsburghPittsburghUnder
10 (1/18/76)Pitt -6.536Dallas17Pittsburgh21PittsburghDallasOver
11 (1/9/77)Oak -4.538Minnesota14Oakland32OaklandOaklandOver
12 (1/15/78)Dal -639Dallas27Denver10DallasDallasUnder
13 (1/21/79)Pitt -437Dallas31Pittsburgh35PittsburghTIEOver
14 (1/20/80)Pitt -10.536LA Rams19Pittsburgh31PittsburghPittsburghOver
15 (1/25/81)Phi -337.5Philadelphia10Oakland27OaklandOaklandUnder
16 (1/24/82)Pk ’em 48San Francisco26Cincinnati21San FranciscoSan FranciscoUnder
17 (1/30/83)Mia -336.5Washington27Miami17WashingtonWashingtonOver
18 (1/22/84)Was -348Washington9LA Raiders38LA RaidersLA RaidersUnder
19 (1/20/85)SF -353San Francisco38Miami16San FranciscoSan FranciscoOver
20 (1/26/86)Chi -1037Chicago46New England10ChicagoChicagoOver
21 (1/25/87)NYG -9.540.5NY Giants39Denver20NY GiantsNY GiantsOver
22 (1/31/88)Den -3.547Washington42Denver10WashingtonWashingtonOver
23 (1/22/89)SF -747.5San Francisco20Cincinnati16San FranciscoCincinnatiUnder
24 (1/28/90)SF -12.547San Francisco55Denver10San FranciscoSan FranciscoOver
25 (1/27/91)Buf -739NY Giants20Buffalo19NY GiantsNY GiantsTIE
26 (1/26/92)Was -749Washington37Buffalo24WashingtonWashingtonOver
27 (1/31/93)Dal -645Dallas52Buffalo17DallasDallasOver
28 (1/30/94)Dal -10.550.5Dallas30Buffalo13DallasDallasUnder
29 (1/29/95)SF -1854San Francisco49San Diego26San FranciscoSan FranciscoOver
30 (1/28/96)Dal -13.552Dallas27Pittsburgh17DallasPittsburghUnder
31 (1/26/97)GB -1449Green Bay35New England21Green BayTIEOver
32 (1/25/98)GB -11.549Green Bay24Denver31DenverDenverOver
33 (1/31/99)Den -7.551.5Atlanta19Denver34DenverDenverOver
34 (1/30/00)StL -748St Louis23Tennessee16St LouisTIEUnder
35 (1/28/01)Bal -332.5NY Giants7Baltimore34BaltimoreBaltimoreOver
36 (2/3/02)StL -1452.5St Louis17New England20New EnglandNew EnglandUnder
37 (1/26/03)Oak -3.544Tampa Bay48Oakland21Tampa BayTampa BayOver
38 (2/1/04)NE -738Carolina29New England32New EnglandCarolinaOver
39 (2/6/05)NE -747Philadelphia21New England24New EnglandPhiladelphiaUnder
40 (2/5/06)Pit -446.5Seattle10Pittsburgh21PittsburghPittsburghUnder
41 (2/4/07)Ind -6.547Chicago17Indianapolis29IndianapolisIndianapolisUnder
42 (2/3/08)NE -12.554NY Giants17New England14NY GiantsNY GiantsUnder
43 (2/1/09)Pit -6.546.5Arizona23Pittsburgh27PittsburghArizonaOver
44 (2/7/10)IND -4.556.5New Orleans31Indianapolis17New OrleansNew OrleansUnder
45 (2/6/11)GB -344.5Green Bay31Pittsburgh25Green BayGreen BayOver
46 (2/5/12)NE -353NY Giants21New England17NY GiantsNY GiantsUnder
47 (2/3/13)SF -4.547.5San Francisco31Baltimore34BaltimoreBaltimoreOver
48 (2/2/14)Den -247Seattle43Denver8SeattleSeattleOver
49 (2/1/15)Sea -147Seattle24New England28New EnglandNew EnglandOver
50 (2/7/16)Car -4.543.5Carolina10Denver24DenverDenverUnder
51 (2/5/17)NE -357Atlanta28New England34New EnglandNew EnglandOver
52 (2/4/18)NE -4.549Philadelphia41New England33PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaOver
53 (2/3/19)NE -255.5LA Rams3New England13New EnglandNew EnglandUnder
54 (2/4/20)KC -153San Francisco20Kansas City31Kansas CityKansas CityUnder
55 (2/7/21)KC -355.5Tampa Bay31Kansas City9Tampa BayTampa BayUnder
56 (2/13/22)LAR -4.548.5LA Rams23Cincinnati20LA RamsCincinnatiUnder
57 (2/12/23)PHI -1.551.5Philadelphia35Kansas City38Kansas CityKansas CityOver
Super Bowl results tracked by VSiN Director of Analytics, Steve Makinen

The winner of the Super Bowl is 47-7-3 ATS (87%). The Bengals in Super Bowl LVI against the Rams are the only underdog to cover the point spread without winning outright in a game with a line of fewer than six points.

The NFC is 29-28 overall and 28-26-3 ATS all-time.

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