Week 13 college football power ratings and betting odds


Adam Burke shares his weekly college football power ratings

The college football regular season comes to a close this week. There are 24 teams with a 5-6 record and one team with a 5-5 record. That means 25 teams come into Week 13 looking for that magic sixth win to be eligible for bowl consideration. There are 69 teams that have already gotten to six wins.


Just because a team has five wins doesn’t mean that they are necessarily going to be all fired up seeking a sixth win. Making a bowl game means more practices and another game and some players will just be ready to wrap up the season and move on. We also have some teams that have already fired their coaches or will fire them soon.

This has been the least efficient year for my power ratings that I can remember in quite some time. I think a lot of it has to do with how inconsistent the non-elite and non-awful teams have been. This is a week where I really won’t even look at them, but I’ve been doing the article and I didn’t want to leave any readers hanging. This week, there are way too many external considerations that cannot be quantified, including the fact that it is rivalry week and the records and power ratings sometimes don’t matter in those games.

I will be doing this article for the conference championship games and do one final bowl one prior to the giant list of opt-outs. It would be arduous to adjust every bowl team as guys opt out, so I’ll just do a “here’s my numbers” after we find out who is going where with the obvious caveat that most rosters aren’t going to be at full strength.

Here are my Week 13 College Football Power Ratings: