ATS Report for Friday, June 2: Updated records for spreads and totals




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Friday Betting Recaps

After favorites went a perfect 7-0 on Thursday, underdogs bounced back by going 8-6 on Friday (with Rays-Red Sox postponed).
Let’s get to the specific details with our daily betting recaps, and then update the spread and total records in each current major team sport (including the NHL playoffs with the Stanley Cup Finals starting on Saturday, plus the NBA playoffs after Game 1 on Thursday night).

MLB: Dogs led 8-6 Friday with biggets upsets by the Nationals (+160 vs. Phillies), Cubs (+155 at Padres) and Orioles (+140 at Giants). Home teams went 9-5. Unders went 10-4. On the season, faves lead 490-361 with 9 games closing pick-’em. Home teams lead 456-402 with 2 neutral-site games. Overs still just 416-412-31 with 1 no-action.

NHL (ICYMI): After the Golden Knights (+110 road dogs) upset the Stars to clinch the Western Conference Finals on Monday, dogs finished 5-3 in the round with 2 pick-’ems and lead 43-36 in playoffs with 4 PKs. Home/road teams split 5-5 in the round, but road teams improved to 46-37 overall. Unders went 6-4 in the round, but Over/Unders are back to .500 at 41-41-1. The zig-zag improved to 2-6 this round and leads 39-30 overall.

NBA (ICYMI): With the Nuggets’ spread-covering Game 1, faves improved to 52-27 SU and 42-36-1 ATS (53.8%) overall in the playoffs with 1 game closing pick-’em. Home teams also improved to 49-31 SU and 44-35-1 ATS (55.7%). Over/Unders back to .500 at 39-39-2. The "zig-zag" (aka "loser of the last") doesn’t apply as both teams won previous game, but still leads 35-29-1 ATS.