ATS Report for Sunday, July 23 on British Open & MLB, plus updated season-long betting stats


Sunday Betting Recaps

Sunday was another busy sports betting day with a little bit of everything for everyone: conclusion of the British Open, baseball, soccer (women and men), auto racing (NASCAR and Formula 1), WNBA, etc.


Top MLB Resources:

For our purposes here, I’ll stick to the so-called “stick-and-ball sports” (I’m including golf because, well, each player carries a bag of sticks, right?), and then update the season-long betting stats.

Golf: Brian Harman pulled away to win the British Open (we still call it that instead of “The Open Championship” or “The Open”). The ViewFromVegas is he was around 125-1 pre-tournament (we saw as high as 145-1 at Circa Sports in Nevada), 20-1 after the 1st round on Thursday, +125 after the 2nd round on Friday and -225 after Saturday’s 3rd round and heading into Sunday’s final round.

MLB: Favorites went 8-7 on Sunday with biggest upsets by Tigers (+188 in 3-1 win vs. Padres), Orioles (+135 in 5-3 win at Rays to take 2-game lead in AL East) and Blue Jays (+127 in 4-3 win at Mariners). Home teams went 10-5. Unders led 9-5-1 with push in Cubs’ 7-2 win vs. Cardinals with betting total of 9 runs.

More MLB: On the season, faves lead 847-612 with 25 games closing pick-’em. Home teams lead 773-707, going 20-10 the last 2 days after road teams had been cutting into lead recently, with 4 neutral-site games. Unders improved slim lead to 716-705-62 with 1 no-action.