Tuley: Wednesday MLB Best Bets 7/5


Tuesday Best Bet Results

Tuesday was another winning day with the family on the Fourth of July as we celebrated in San Francisco, though we’re glad we paid for this vacation with past sports betting winnings as we went 0-2 with our MLB plays.


We spent the day down at Fisherman’s Wharf and nearby Pier 39 with a mix of fun activities at tourist spots such as Musee Mecanique (one of my favorite places on Earth), taking photos at Umbrella Alley, watching street performers, shopping at stores such as the Left-Handed Store, Solve It! Puzzle Store, etc. We also ate tons of great food, including Dungeness crab, Boudin clam chowder bread bowl, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, etc. And ended the day with a long, fantastic fireworks show at the piers.
The downside was the sports betting action as we lost on the Royals First 5 Innings +155 at the Twins earlier in the day as they trailed 6-2 after 5 innings and then Angels First 5 +100 at the Padres in the afternoon as they trailed 2-1 after 5 before Shohei Ohtani left with a blister in the bottom of the 6th (after Mike Trout was put on the DL earlier in the day with a broken wrist).
The 0-2 mark continued our June swoon as we dropped to a woeful 2-7 and -4.65 units so far in July, according to the VSiN Pro Picks page. I know some will say “you’re losing because you’re distracted by your family vacation. I’m not going to use that as an excuse, and I don’t believe that anyway. At the end of the day, I’m giving as much time to my picks as I do at any other time of the year – it’s a coincidence that my slump is happening now. As I said, I was scuffling even before this trip. Besides, I’ve been doing this long enough to know there’s no real correlation to the amount of times you spend handicapping and how successful you are. I’ve had seasons where I’ve prepared tirelessly and had great seasons but also seasons when I’ve done terribly after working just as hard. I always think back to 2001 when my wife was pregnant with my first child and everyone told me I was going to have a terrible football season because the baby would be keeping me up at nights – and I went out and had one of my best seasons ever.
So, you never know – you just do the best you can and trust the process.
Let’s get to our Best Bets for Wednesday, though instead of playing 2 games like we’ve been doing a lot lately, we’re going to focus on our very favorite game of the day.

MLB Wednesday Best Bets

Guardians First 5 Innings +0.5 +105 and F5 +140 MLB vs. Braves: Let’s stick with one game Wednesday with the Braves in an “anti-swagger” spot after having their 9-game winning streak snapped on Tuesday. I’m not totally thrilled with backing Cleveland’s Cal Quantrill (2-5, 6.18 ERA), but Michael Soroka (1-1, 6.89 ERA) is one of the Atlanta starters I’m willing to face, especially in this letdown spot. We’ll take the +0.5 for the first 5 innings in case it lands on a tie, so we still win our bet, plus we’ll take the +140 First 5 money line as well.