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Week 3 in the NFL has a few uninviting matchups, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from betting them.
Funny, maybe the two worst teams in the league, Houston and Chicago, are seeing some of our biggest action of the week. It is also worth noting, many of the games this week are seeing sharp money on one side at one number and sharp action on the other side at another number. We never move the juice on an NFL side at South Point. Everything is dealt at -110 either way, so our prices on many of these two-way games are often the very best available.
Here we go. The games are presented in official Nevada rotation order.

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Baltimore Ravens (-2.5, 44) at New England Patriots

We opened the Ravens -3. They took the 3 for a big bet and we went to 2.5. It has stayed there all week and we’re writing a lot of Ravens business – some sharp action, too. because we are one of the only books at -2.5 (-110). Again, rather than moving the juice, we are staying at 2.5 but I have a feeling we’ll get back to Ravens -3 before post time. No Patriots money showing up at %plussign% 2.5.

Buffalo Bills (-5.5, 53) at Miami Dolphins

Another interesting game here. We opened the Bills -4.5. They laid the 4.5 and I went right to 5.5. They laid that and I went to 6. We were at 6.5 briefly and they took that, so I went back to 6 and they took that, strong. Now it’s 5.5. We’re still writing Dolphins business but I’m getting some Bills action, too. I think the public will come in on the Bills and we’ll probably get back to 6 before kickoff.

Cincinnati Bengals (-6, 45) at New York Jets

We opened this one -4.5 on Cincinnati. They laid me 4.5, and laid me 5. From 5, I went right to 6. I’m not writing any more Bengals money at 6, but I’m not getting any Jets money either. The public moved me up to 6 but the wise guys so far haven’t come back yet on any %plussign% 6. I think we’ll get to 6.5 before kickoff.

New Orleans Saints (-2.5, 41) at Carolina Panthers

We opened this one 3 and they took the 3. I went to 2.5 and we’re still at 2.5. They are starting to lay back the 2.5. I don’t know if we’ll get back to 3 or not. There is not a lot of enthusiasm for the Saints, but there’s nothing really on the Panthers %plussign% 2.5 either. There isn’t a whole lot of interest in this game at 2.5.

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings (-6, 52.5)

We opened this game Vikings -7 before the Monday night game. They took the 7 pretty heavy. We reopened the game on Tuesday morning at Vikings -6. We’re still writing some Lions business plus the 6 but not much of anything on the Vikings.

Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5, 50) at Indianapolis Colts

Another interesting one. We opened the game 7. They took the 7, took 6.5, took 6. We’re at 5.5 and the sharp guys are all over the Colts, but the public is laying back the Chiefs strong, so I think we’ll be back to 6 before post time. It’s a great spot for the Colts, 0-2 team, playing at home. I think the dog might be the right side in this game.

Las Vegas Raiders (-2, 45.5) at Tennessee Titans

We opened Raiders -1. They laid me the 1 and I saw it going up, so I went straight to 2. I went to 2.5 for a little bit and they took the 2.5, so I’m back to 2. The sharp money was on the Raiders at -1. Now it’s pretty even on both sides at 2.

Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5, 47.5) at Washington Commanders

We opened 4 before the Monday night game – and the Eagles looked fantastic. We reopened it at 6.5 on Tuesday morning. They laid me the 6.5 and we went to 7. Wise guys came in and took the 7, so we’re back at 6.5.

Houston Texans at Chicago Bears (-2.5, 39)

You would be shocked how much business I have on this game. It’s that two and a half, three thing. We opened it Bears -2.5, and they laid it strong. I went to 3, we’re back to 2.5 and I’m getting a lot of money at -2.5. It’s one of those crazy things. We’re the only place at 2.5 (-110) and if we go to 3, we’re the only place at 3 (-110). So we’re getting sharp action both ways. If you like the Bears, you’re laying the -2.5. If you like the Texans, you’re taking the %plussign% 3.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Los Angeles Chargers (-3.5, 43)

We opened the game at 7. They took the 7 on Friday morning. And then the report came out that Chase Daniel was taking the first-team snaps in practice, so we went to 6. We didn’t take much action at %plussign% 6, but we went to 5.5 and they bet me strong at %plussign% 5.5 and I saw the bottom falling out on this game, so I went to 4. They bet me at 4 and I’m at 3.5 and they’re still taking the 3.5 all based on the Chargers quarterback situation.

Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1, 42)

A lot of business on this one. We opened the Buccaneers -3 and we didn’t see much action on the %plussign% 3 but I saw this drop and I kind of thought this number was a little high. I thought 2 was the right number and after a little action at %plussign% 3, I went right to 2. They took the 2, they took 1.5 and we’re at 1. We have some money on Tampa Bay, but more money on the Packers. I think this game has a good chance to close at pick-’em. The sharp money has been all Green Bay, no sharp action on the Buccaneers.

Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks (-1, 42)

We opened 2. They took the 2 and I went right to 1. They took the 1 and I went to pick-’em. On Thursday morning, I took a big bet on Seattle at pick, so we are back to Seattle -1. We are writing good business at the 1 both ways.

Los Angeles Rams (-3.5, 48.5) at Arizona Cardinals

We opened the Rams -4. They took the 4, we’re now at 3.5 and writing pretty even business at 3.5, but the sharp guys took the %plussign% 4.

San Francisco 49ers (-1.5, 44) at Denver Broncos

We opened the Niners -1. They laid it and we’ve been at 1.5 now most of the week and writing pretty good business both ways. The public is on the Niners in this game. I took a pretty decent sized bet on the Broncos at %plussign% 1.5 on Friday morning, otherwise we probably would have been at 2. I have a feeling we’ll get there before post time – at least.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants (-1, 39)

We actually opened this Giants -3. We took some money at %plussign% 3, not a huge bet but I thought this number was probably too high, so I moved it fairly quickly to 2.5. They took the 2.5, they took the 2, they took the 1.5, so we are now at 1 and we’re starting to get some Giants money back at -1, but so far it has been public and sharp money on the Cowboys. I think there’s a pretty good chance that we get to pick-’em on Monday night.

Chris Andrews is the sportsbook director at the South Point in Las Vegas and has been a Nevada bookmaker for 40 years.

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