Circa contest update for NFL Week 17 with millions on line in final 2 weeks


Circa Survivor NFL Week 17 update

Circa Survivor and Circa Sports Million are coming down to the wire with NFL Week 17 this weekend and then the final day of the regular season a week from Sunday.
Circa Survivor, which drew a record 6,133 entries at $1,000 apiece and has a record $6.133 million prize pool, is down to three live entries heading into this Sunday. For those who don’t know, Survivor requires entrants to pick one NFL winner a week (a tie counts the same as a loss) without using any team twice during the entire season.
With a lot of the top teams already used by the final three contestants, the players using the aliases of BROWNA-1 and THE ENEMY WITHIN-2 both went with the Giants to beat the Colts while JED-4 needs the Lions to beat the Bears. Both games are being played in the early Sunday window that starts at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT.

The final threesome had to survive last weekend’s Week 16 gauntlet as, unlike other elimination/last man standing-type pools, Circa Survivor has extra “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas” weeks, so they had to win a game on the Thursday/Saturday portion of Week 16a (all three barely stayed alive as they needed the Steelers to rally to beat the Raiders 13-10 in the Christmas Eve night game or another contestant named Maddog-2 would have won the whole jackpot) and then had to pick another winner in Week 16b on the Sunday/Monday games. After Maddod-2 was eliminated by the Dolphins’ 26-20 loss vs. the Packers, BROWNA-1 and JED-4 both received another come-from-behind win, this time in the Buccaneers’ 19-16 OT win at the Cardinals on Christmas night, and then THE ENEMY WITHIN-2 joined them when the Chargers beat the Colts 20-3 on Monday night.
Circa Survivor is winner-take-all if there’s a single champion. If all remaining players are eliminated in the same week or multiple players make it all the way through next Sunday night, then the pool would be split evenly.


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Circa Sports Million NFL Week 17 update

Circa Sports Million, which is a traditional football handicapping contest in which players pick 5 games against the contest spread each week and drew 4,691 entries (also at $1,000 apiece), is kind of taking a back seat to Circa Survivor, but it has a guaranteed $1 million first-place prize to the champion and a very tight race.
Enut34-1 is the leader heading into the final two weeks of the contest at 55-23-2 (70.5%) for 56 points and is a half-point (wins are worth 1 point, pushes worth 0.5) ahead of former leader KING BRUTUS-1 in second place at 54-23-3 (70.1%) for 55.5 points. In fact, as Circa VP Mike Palm pointed out on VSiN’s “The Football Contest Show” at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT Saturday (every week after the 4 p.m. PT submission deadline for both contests), the top 6 spots are each separated by just a half-point each heading into this week with Look Ma No Hands-1 in third with 55 points, 504-1 in fourth with 54.5, SEAN 1923-2 in fifth with 54 and the duo of CT TRIGG-2 and PEPPERMILLKIDS-1 tied for sixth with 53.5. Note: BIG LIB-1 has also moved to 53.5 points with the Cowboys covering -13.5 in their 27-13 win at the Titans on Thursday Night Football.
So, Circa Sports Million, is up for grabs on the leaderboard and pays through the top 100.
Enut34-1’s Week 17 plays are the Commanders -2.5 vs. the Browns, Jaguars -4 at the Texans, Jets -1.5 at the Seahawks, Steelers +2.5 at the Ravens on Sunday Night Football and the Bengals +1 vs. the Bills on Monday Night Football.
KING BRUTUS-1 has a common play with the Steelers, but then is opposite on one pick with the Texans +4 vs. the Jaguars. KING BRUTUS’s other plays are the Saints +5.5 at the Eagles, Bears +6 at the Lions and Rams +6.5 at the Chargers.
The Top 5 Most-Selected Teams (dipped to 40-36-4 on the season after going 2-3 over the holiday weekend) for NFL Week 17 are the Buccaneers -3 (No. 1 picks are 11-5) vs. the Panthers, Vikings +3.5 at the Packers, Texans +4 vs. the Jaguars, Steelers +2.5 at the Ravens and Bengals +1 vs. the Bills.
You can also find more coverage on VSiN’s dedicated contest page and on Circa Sports’s website as well as both company’s Twitter accounts @VSiNLive and @CircaSports as well as my personal Twitter account @ViewFromVegas.