Succession Betting Odds: How will things end for our favorite Waystar Royco employees?


Succession Betting Odds: How will things end for our favorite Waystar Royco employees?

If you’re a fan of the show Succession and have been looking for ways to bet on it, we can’t quite help you. However, DraftKings Sportsbook did provide us with some hypothetical odds on how things might play out at the end of the show’s fourth and final season. With that said, let’s look at some of the key unanswered questions surrounding the Roy family here. Be careful if you aren’t fully up to date, as this will contain some spoilers. And if you haven’t started watching, what exactly are you doing? This is one of the greatest shows ever and we strongly suggest giving it a try! 

Who takes over Logan Roy’s family business?

Company Gets Sold (+200)
Roman Roy (+250)
Kendall Roy (+300)
Siobhan "Shiv" Roy (+500)
Connor Roy (+1200)
Tom Wambsgans (+1500)
Marcia Roy (+2000)
Greg Hirsch (+2500)
Logan’s First Wife (+4000)

The best bet you can make here would be on Shiv. At one point in the show, it looked like Shiv would be the eventual successor, but she has since fallen by the wayside in favor of the “CE-Bros.” That might make it seem impossible that Shiv will make her way to the top, but she is also one of the smarter characters on the show, and her alliance with Lukas Matsson can’t be taken lightly. If Kendall and Roman can convince the board that Matsson doesn’t understand the company and isn’t a good fit, perhaps Shiv can join forces with the egotistical, maniacal Swede. He views Waystar as a good financial investment, and Shiv has a lot of dirt on him. Can Shiv sell the board on a company run by her but with Matsson’s financial backing?  

As far as Kendall goes, he’s already in the pole position right now. Kendall is doing a better-than-expected job as the interim CEO, and he just knocked his presentation at Waystar Studios out of the park. If he successfully nukes the Matsson deal, it isn’t outrageous to think that he can sell the board on him being the long-term answer as Logan’s successor. However, that almost seems too easy. And it’s hard to see this show having a classic happy ending. It’s bound to end with some type of twist or turn. Shiv also happens to have some serious dirt on both Kendall and Roman. And Kendall’s big secret makes it hard to believe he will ever end up in the top spot.

If you’re looking for a long shot, why not Cousin Greg? After all, the lovable idiot’s name was scribbled on Logan’s piece of paper that ultimately got Kendall the interim CEO job. Sometimes the most obvious answer is the one that was hiding in plain sight. What if Greg’s grandfather Ewan passes away later in the season and gives Greg his stake in the company? This might be a Cinderella story, but it’s not impossible. And the odds are quite juicy.

After the season finale, Tom and Shiv will be:

Married (+130)
Divorced (-150)

The best bet you can make here is that the two of them will still be married. This is less of a bet on a happy ending than it is on this storyline not being at the top of the priority list. As of right now, Tom and Shiv are still operating as exes with benefits, and they seem to have recaptured their spark for one another. With that being the case, it doesn’t seem all that important for them to wrap things up and have them get divorced by the time we’re done watching all this chaos unfold.

Is Tom the father of Shiv’s baby?

Yes (-180)
No (+160)

It’s hard to imagine that baby not having some Wambsgans blood in it. While there has been conversations about Tom playing the field while he was separated from Shiv, we haven’t heard much the other way around. With that being the case, it’d almost be odd if we found out there’s some random father. But it wouldn’t be all that surprising if Shiv told Tom the baby wasn’t his, even if she knows it is.

Will any character die in the final episode?

Yes (+220)
No (-260)

Greg being the company’s successor is more of a dart throw, so I’d say no main characters die in the finale. With Logan having already passed away, there really aren’t any other needle-moving deaths on the horizon. Of course, Kendall does have a history of substance abuse, and you never know what might happen if he were to be delivered some bad news. But he is in the midst of a nice redemption story, and I like his chances of ending the season on a high note. 

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