Comparing Week 4 Circa Million NFL odds to the betting markets


Circa Million Week 4 odds

There is a lot less uncertainty this week in the NFL markets from an injury standpoint. We do have a lot of players with the “questionable” designation, but not as many quarterbacks are in question as what we had last week. Specifically, we know that Joe Burrow is going to play, but we’ve also seen some backups named starters or can assume based on practice reports that some injured guys are fine.


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But, it is always an interesting, and sometimes really insightful, exercise to see what the Circa Million lines look like compared to those of the liquid betting markets. Remember that the contest lines open on Thursday morning and do not move. They are “static” or “stale” lines, meaning that what you see is what you get in advance of the Saturday 4 p.m. PT pick deadline.

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Here is a side-by-side of the Circa Million lines and the betting market odds as of Thursday morning for Week 4: