Tuley: Saturday MLB Best Bet 7/8


Friday Best Bet Results

Friday was another fun day on my family’s 3rd annual trip to San Francisco.
The daytime was pretty uneventful as we mostly rested up after going non-stop in tourist mode most of the week, plus I got an early jump on my “Team Tuley’s Thoroughbred Takes” column at VSiN.com/horse-racing as I needed to get it done early as my day ended at the Giants’ game at Oracle Park while my wife and kids went to “A Chorus Line.”


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I helped pay for my behind-home-plate tickets as I won my Best Bet of the day on the Mariners First 5 Innings +100 at the Astros as the Mariners exploded for 9 runs in the top of the 4th inning and coasted to a 9-1 lead after 5 innings for our purposes here and 10-1 for those who are still betting my plays on the full-game money line.
I’m assuming most regular readers have understandably backed off on my plays in the short term because of my recent slump as we’re still only 3-10 and -6.65 units for far in July, according to the VSiN Pro Picks page, but hopefully some were on-board for the easy winner.
We didn’t have a winner in our “Where’s Tuley?” contest that we rushed to put together in yesterday’s column as no one replied to my Twitter account @ViewFromVegas with a description of what I was wearing (“SF” baseball cap and a blue “SF San Francisco” sweatshirt — one that I’m sure some of you have as it’s common for people to buy these when they arrive in the City by the Bay and realized they didn’t pack enough warm clothes — with yellow collar to match the 2023 Golden Knights “2023 Stanley Cup CHAMPS” T-shirt underneath). I wasn’t sure I would get on the TV broadcast along with 2021 Circa Sports Million champion Tony “Durbify” Gordon and his son, though my friend Roger Dorn (his real name, not the fictional third baseman from the “Major League” movie) did text that he caught a glimpse of us, but it was before the first pitch an you had to recognize us really quick. I’m hoping to find another time to do additional “Where’s Tuley?” contests, even if we have to us our own VSiN broadcasts!
Anyway, let’s get to Saturday’s sports betting card, though again I should point out that we’re continuing to be selective as we’ve been struggling to find live MLB dogs. Note: I felt justified only having 1 play on Friday as my Mariners actually closed at pick-’em while favorites went 10-4 in the opening games of these weekend series. Check out our “Team Tuley’s Thoroughbred Takes” as we might actually have more money in action on the ponies today than on MLB.

MLB Saturday Best Bet

Phillies First 5 Innings +100 at Marlins: Like I said above, I’m not too high on too many dogs on Saturday, plus some game didn’t have overnight lines with undecided pitchers. Anyway, the Phillies are playing well on a four-game winning streak (and actually a 13-game road winning streak) after rallying to beat the Marlins 4-3 last night, so let’s ride them with Ranger Suarez (2-3, 3.67 ERA). For those interested, the only other dogs I really considered were the Rockies at the Giants (liked how it just seemed like the Rockies were making better contact overall from being so close to the plate, no stats to back up this opinion), but not thrilled with backing Connor Seabold; plus the Diamondbacks vs. the Pirates in a “mini-swagger” spot after snapping a 4-game losing streak, but not sure if they’ll even be dogs as they hadn’t announced a starter as of this posting.